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GraphQL Resources - list of tools, extensions & tutorials for beginners

March 12, 2019 by Tomek

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GraphQL popularity is continuously growing. If you want to jump on a GraphQL train here is a list of the best tools, extensions, and tutorials to start with. Let’s learn it together!

If you have any interesting resources mail me a tip to [email protected] and I will update our directory.

Let's learn GraphQL together

Knowlege base

  1. GrapQL Official Documentation is definitely the best place to start your GraphQL adventure.
  2. Official Facebook Draft RFC Specification is a place to go if you are looking for raw knowledge regarding GraphQL project.
  3. GraphQL Weekly is a newsletter with news, articles, and everything related to GraphQL
  4. How to GraphQL is a website which will take you into a journey from GraphQL newbie to releasing your first GraphQL project.
  5. is a helpful resource for collecting GraphQL tools, especially libraries.

Tools & Extensions

  1. GraphQL Docs is a simple way of generating static documentation for a GraphQL schema in seconds.
  2. GraphCMS a tool that allows you to define the GraphQL API. Create structures, relationships, powerful permissions and manage your content with ease, generally speaking, build a hosted GraphQL back-end for your web project along with tools to manage its content.
  3. GraphQL Editor makes it easier to understand the GraphQL schema. Create it by combining visual blocks and the editor will transform them into code! Features like loading schema from URL/file or a fake backend data can speed up the prototyping of your app.
  4. Apollo Launchpad allows you to write a GraphQL schema in JavaScript making GraphQL code very accessible.
  5. GraphiQL is a simple IDE tool for testing and documenting GraphQL APIs with a nice graphical interface.
  6. GraphQL Playground a GraphiQL alternative.
  7. Apollo Elements a library for building GraphQL-backed UIs without UI frameworks.



Video tutorials

  1. How to build a GraphQL Server


  2. ReactiFlux Discord (#graphql)

Let’s build this directory together!

Do you know any other useful tools, tutorials or blogs for GraphQL? Maybe you are running your own blog or developing a GraphQL tool?

Send me a link to [email protected] and I will post it here :)

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