Michał Tyszkiewicz

Michał Tyszkiewicz - GraphQL enthusiast & LA Lakers hardcore fan. Email me: [email protected]

Articles written by Michał Tyszkiewicz:

Neo4j GraphQL Library 2.0.0

A while ago I wrote a bit about the GRAND stack, an integration of GraphQL, Reac...2 minutes read • September 26, 21

Tina Cloud - a headless CMS backed by Git

A common problem when trying to convince someone to use Jamstack tools is the le...3 minutes read • August 22, 21

Nhost - open source Firebase alternative with GraphQL

Most devs are probably at least somewhat familiar with Firebase, Google’s out of...2 minutes read • August 09, 21

What is the GRANDstack?

Last time we looked a bit at neo4j and the benefits of using it together with Gr...3 minutes read • July 28, 21

Neo4j GraphQL Library

A booming market has created the demand for reducing the time to market of softw...2 minutes read • June 30, 21

Damn Vulnerable GraphQL Application

Usually in these when I write about some library or app I try to highlight its s...2 minutes read • June 23, 21

SpectaQL - generate static docs for a GraphQL schema

It's finally time to take a look at another useful library, this time we’ll chec...2 minutes read • June 15, 21

Mock Backend - The Beginner's Guide to GraphQL Editor p.2

Last time we put together a pretty basic schema, so let's take a look at how it...1 minute read • April 30, 21

GraphQL Schema - The Beginner's Guide to GraphQL Editor p.1

GraphQL Editor is a tool for both advanced users and those only starting to wo...1 minute read • April 30, 21

BaseQL - create a GraphQL API from your Airtable backend

After writing about some of the biggest libraries out there I think it's time t...3 minutes read • April 29, 21

A look at what using TypeScript with GraphQL can do for you

The big trend for a while now has been GraphQL and its associated technologies ...4 minutes read • February 15, 21

GraphQL with React - Apollo vs Relay overview

After looking at how GraphQL can be used with Vue it's obviously time to look at...4 minutes read • February 01, 21

GraphQL in Angular with Apollo

Last time I touched a bit on the combined benefits of using Vue with GraphQL vi...3 minutes read • January 25, 21

A view on GraphQL in Vue

While REST still holds the top spot in terms of popularity GraphQL has been on ...3 minutes read • January 18, 21

React vs Angular vs Vue

After looking at the features, components and libraries for Vue, React and Angu...6 minutes read • December 17, 20

Top React libraries you need to know in 2021

Last time we looked a bit at the background and some built-in features of React...7 minutes read • December 10, 20

React - the rise of the JavaScript powerhouse

After taking a look at Vue it's time to check out the last of the big three - ...4 minutes read • December 07, 20

Angular directives - the most-used units in Angular

After breaking down Angular and its versions it's time to do a deeper dive into...4 minutes read • November 26, 20

Angular - a short overview

After writing a bit about Vue I think it's only fair to take a look at its main...3 minutes read • November 19, 20

Vue - introduction to Web Components

In my previous blog post I outlined what Vue is and went through a bit of its h...4 minutes read • November 12, 20

VUE - a short overview

Vue has definitely been making rounds in the dev community as of late. Accordin...4 minutes read • November 09, 20

Slash GraphQL - a fully managed GraphQL backend service

GraphQL’s astounding growth is attracting more and more developers each year, a...3 minutes read • October 29, 20

GraphQL tools & libraries - Part 3

It took a while, but nevertheless, here it finally is - GraphQL Tools & Librar...3 minutes read • October 08, 20

GraphQL tools & libraries - Part 2

If you missed it here’s a link to part one of GraphQL tools & libraries. Now on...3 minutes read • September 03, 20

GraphQL tools & libraries

If you’re interested in a writeup about GraphQL itself head on over here. In t...3 minutes read • August 28, 20

Why you should try GraphQL?

GraphQL started at Facebook back in 2012, it was developed internally before be...4 minutes read • July 28, 20

GraphQL vs REST vs gRPC

If you’ve read an article or even some brief description of GraphQL, it probabl...3 minutes read • July 20, 20

Zooming on Zoom

Coronavirus and the lockdowns it forced has probably sped up the transition to ...3 minutes read • June 29, 20

Software licensing - All about multi-licensing

The last few weeks we looked at various types of licenses and what they entail....2 minutes read • June 15, 20

Everything you need to know about EULA

EULAs or End User License Agreements everyone knows what they are, nobody reads...4 minutes read • June 08, 20

Software Licensing - what is the Copyleft

If you’ve read a little bit about software licensing or Linux you probably know...3 minutes read • May 25, 20

Software licensing Part II - a deeper dive into license types

Last time we took a swing at breaking down the various types of software licens...3 minutes read • May 18, 20

Software licensing cheat sheet

If you’ve ever made an app, program, or just written some code, chances are you...3 minutes read • May 12, 20

Introduction to Draqula - a GraphQL client for React apps

Draqula is a lightweight GraphQL client, perfect for smaller and simpler Reac...2 minutes read • September 24, 19