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Robert Matyszewski - Head of Growth, Growth Hacking passionate. Tech Business Developer. He loves cooking and bike riding. Email me: [email protected]

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Top GraphQL tutorials reviewed 2019

Are you wondering where to start learning or improve your GraphQL sklls? Which ...15 minutes read • August 28, 19

Top new features in Python 3.8

Python is one of the most popular languages today with the biggest community of...3 minutes read • July 26, 19

GraphQL library for Python - Strawberry

I recently came across an interesting library for GraphQL. Strawberry is a new ...0 minutes read • June 19, 19

Junior Web Developer environment setup

This article will give you a detailed introduction on how to set up your comput...4 minutes read • June 18, 19

The state of GraphQL by Reddit

There’s a lot of hype on GraphQL and debate to compare it to REST. GraphQL is in...9 minutes read • June 10, 19

Top features in React Native 0.60

Intro After periods of hard work from numbers of contributors, the React Native...2 minutes read • June 10, 19

GraphQL Predictions 2019+

NPM posted javascript predictions at the begging of this year with GraphQL as a...3 minutes read • May 28, 19

Turn your Django REST API into a GraphQL like API

Web APIs are the motors that power most of our nowadays apps. For many years RES...4 minutes read • May 23, 19

Getting started with React & GraphQL part I

The stage of Javascript 2018 Survey was completed by 20k users and contains an ...10 minutes read • May 13, 19

Best resources to learn React & GraphQL

I've decided to create a list of top resources to learn for two modern and tren...1 minute read • May 06, 19

Top 3 python libraries for graphql

This post is a summary of the best python libraries for GraphQL. Python in rece...4 minutes read • April 23, 19

Top tools for a junior frontend developer

Introduction It's hard to choose what to learn when you're starting your journ...4 minutes read • March 19, 19

Is GraphQL Editor a right tool for business users?

Introduction This article covers the basic introduction and advantages of Graph...3 minutes read • March 11, 19

GraphQL Tutorial - Schemas and types part 2

Let's explore second and last part of our tutorial of schemas and types Interf...4 minutes read • February 14, 19

Code academy - backend development

In this article, I'll cover a general introduction to backend development witho...6 minutes read • February 05, 19

GraphQL Tutorial - Schemas and Types Part 1

Let's explore the next stage of our GraphQL tutorial - type system and how it d...5 minutes read • January 18, 19

GraphQL Tutorial - Queries and mutations Part 1

Fields At its purest, GraphQL is about asking for specific fields on objects...7 minutes read • January 02, 19

My saas story nov18 growth team foundation

This is a part of a series documenting our startup story. Check more on “My-saas...2 minutes read • December 07, 18

GraphQL newbie tutorial - cheatsheet

This article is part of newbie series. In other articles I’ve covered basics of...2 minutes read • November 30, 18

My saas story - from IT outsourcing to saas

Summary Hi, I’m Robert - entrepreneur based in Poland. Last seven years I’ve ...5 minutes read • November 22, 18

GraphQL newbie tutorial - Schema definition

With the theoretical introduction from the previous post on GraphQL, we can go ...5 minutes read • November 18, 18

My saas story - oct'18 first OKRs and :s

I’m Robert - co-founder of We're creating a visual tool for ...3 minutes read • November 08, 18

GraphQL newbie tutorial - introduction

I’m Robert - Head of Growth at I’m responsible for every non...5 minutes read • October 31, 18