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GraphQL Editor 5.0 - new release, new features: GraphQL Services

From the very beginning of our adventure with GraphQL, we were impressed by how ...3 minutes read • November 22, 21

Genqlient: a type-safe GraphQL client written in Go

GraphQL is a new query language for APIs that was developed by Facebook. It's si...1 minute read • November 02, 21

GraphQL: The Future of Front-End Development

GraphQL is a query language that was created by Facebook in 2012 for building we...2 minutes read • October 05, 21

Graphqurl - curl like CLI for GraphQL

The amazing growth of GraphQL is drawing more and more developers every year. It...1 minute read • June 01, 21

GraphQL Static Site Generator (SSG)

Since its release, GraphQL has become increasingly popular and is being used by ...2 minutes read • May 20, 21

Domain Graph Service (DGS) - open-source GraphQL framework for Spring Boot by Netflix

GraphQL community is full of great stories about how GraphQL implementation cha...3 minutes read • March 30, 21

GraphQL Editor - new release v. 4.5

Hey there 👋, we have just released a new version of GraphQL Editor with our t...1 minute read • March 23, 21

Bedrock - modern full-stack Next.js & GraphQL boilerplate

Software as a service is licensing and delivery model in which software is cen...2 minutes read • March 18, 21

The state of GraphQL 2020

The State of JavaScript is an annual survey that collects data from JS professio...2 minutes read • February 22, 21

Rerousel - light & simple infinite carousel for React

Modularity and reusability are one of the React principles. React components ar...2 minutes read • February 03, 21

GraphQL Asia 2021

The latest events have changed many aspects of our personal and business life...2 minutes read • January 27, 21

GraphQL Nexus has reached version 1.0

GraphQL Nexus is a library to build code-first GraphQL APIs that relies on Node...2 minutes read • January 04, 21

WPGraphQL 1.0 - stable version of GraphQL API for WordPress

GraphQL is a graph-based query language or more precisely a specification that ...1 minute read • December 01, 20

RedwoodJS - bring full-stack to your JAMstack

Jamstack is a new architectural approach with the core principle of pre-renderi...2 minutes read • November 23, 20

Searchkit - Search UI with GraphQL, React and Elasticsearch

The most important part of any web or mobile app is the content it provides. ...2 minutes read • November 17, 20

GraphQL Editor 3.0 - new release

We've just launched GraphQL Editor 3.0 and I must say it's nothing like a year ...2 minutes read • October 27, 20

Most popular GraphQL servers

GraphQL is a query language for APIs that describes how to ask & fetch the data...2 minutes read • September 30, 20

API PLATFORM - a framework to build modern API

Downloading, modifying, uploading, in general exchanging data is fundamental fo...1 minute read • September 15, 20

Juniper - fast & type-safe GraphQL Servers in Rust

GraphQL started being developed internally at Facebook back in 2012, before bei...1 minute read • September 07, 20

GraphQL - schema-first vs code-first

GraphQL started back in 2012 at Facebook HQ. Before being publicly released in ...3 minutes read • August 27, 20

GraphQL Nexus - code-first GraphQL server development

GraphQL schema is a set of rules describing the functionality available to th...2 minutes read • August 25, 20

Fly - decentralized GraphQL server close to your users

Fly is a smart, decentralized hosting that allows your application to run faste...2 minutes read • August 18, 20

URQL - Universal React Query Library (GraphQL Client)

Universal React Query Library , aiming to become a lightweight alternative that...2 minutes read • August 11, 20

Full stack Starterkit - GraphQL-first boilerplate that scales

Configuration of a boilerplate for your newly started projects is a tedious, re...2 minutes read • August 05, 20

Sqlmancer - translate GraphQL queries into SQL statements

Since its open-sourcing, GraphQL keeps on gaining popularity and is becoming us...2 minutes read • July 31, 20

GraphQL Query Generator by IBM

GraphQL Query Generator is an interesting library brought to you by the IBM tea...1 minute read • July 22, 20

Introduction to GraphQL

GraphQL is a new approach for building an API that aims to get the better of tw...3 minutes read • July 02, 20

Elide - Opinionated APIs for web & mobile

A while ago I wrote about Super Graph which turns GraphQL queries into a single...1 minute read • June 17, 20

Super Graph - turn GraphQL queries into a single SQL query

Super Graph into a single & blazingly fast SQL query. >It aims to cut develo...1 minute read • June 11, 20

Technologies that will change the world

Technology is changing. Lately, the changes seem to happen even more rapidly t...2 minutes read • May 29, 20

Deno - Node.js successor (?)

A while ago the dev world heard the news that Ryan Dahl, who previously created...1 minute read • May 20, 20

Recoil - experimental state management library for React

For many reasons, it's wise to use React's built-in state management capabiliti...2 minutes read • May 15, 20

GraphQL documentation generator

Despite project documentation is very important for both people who will use ou...1 minute read • May 13, 20

What's new in TypeScript 3.9 RC

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript which provides a lot of benefits like a...1 minute read • April 29, 20

5 React UI Libraries you need to check out in 2020

React is one of the most popular web frameworks. Well, not exactly a framework ...2 minutes read • April 25, 20

What's new in Node.js v14

It's official, Node.js v14 is live and it's packed with new awesome features. T...2 minutes read • April 22, 20

Generate GraphQL resolvers easily with GraphQL Centaur CLI

GraphQL Centaur is a CLI tool with a goal to provide seamless experience creat...2 minutes read • April 21, 20

GraphQLize - generate GraphQL API from PostgreSQL/MySQL databases

As GraphQL's premise was well-received by the dev community a new ecosystem of ...1 minute read • April 16, 20

GQLess - a GraphQL client without queries

GraphQL was publicly released in 2015. Following this, a new ecosystem began t...1 minute read • April 06, 20

GraphQL Mesh

The Guild is an open-source group focused on enabling developers to maximize th...1 minute read • March 27, 20

Node.js best practices

Node.js is the most popular choice when building the backend for your app, no m...1 minute read • March 24, 20

GitHub acquired npm

Yesterday Nat Friedman the CEO of GitHub announced that they have signed an agr...1 minute read • March 17, 20

COVID-19 - what does it mean for the dev world

A couple of days ago the CEO and founders of Sequoia Capital, one of the biggest...1 minute read • March 11, 20

Hasura lands a $9.9M to simplify GraphQL development

Another piece of great news for the GraphQL community surfaced last week. A San...1 minute read • March 03, 20

MongoDB announced GraphQL integration

A while ago MongoDB announced GraphQL integration in one of their products. It...2 minutes read • February 24, 20

How to convince your team to use GraphQL?

We are digital explores. We love to work on cutting-edge technologies & new fra...2 minutes read • February 12, 20

RapidAPI extends offer for GraphQL APIs

RapidAPI is the world’s largest API Marketplace that helps developers find and ...1 minute read • January 24, 20

JetBrains Mono - font for developers by developers

JetBrains is a company well-know for all developers. They have an impressive po...0 minutes read • January 21, 20

2019 in a summary - GraphQL perspective

The npm Inc. was right, 2019 was a great year for GraphQL. Let's take a look at...2 minutes read • December 30, 19

GraphQL vs REST - a vending machine example

Any "The Office" fans here? Do you remember the episode in which Jim put Dwigh...1 minute read • December 18, 19

Boost your GraphQL development with GraphQL Zeus

GraphQL Zeus. Installation & Basic usage To play with it use npm install: `...1 minute read • November 15, 19

Interactive GraphQL Tutorial for beginners

If you would like to start your adventure with the GraphQL but you are not sure...0 minutes read • November 06, 19

New Ghost 3.0 and how to use it with GraphQL (Gatsby)

Ghost is a very popular open-source publishing platform, described by many as ...2 minutes read • October 31, 19

Inspiring talks from GraphQL Berlin Meetup

Since open-sourcing GraphQL specification in 2015, it gained a lot of popularit...1 minute read • October 22, 19

3 ways of strengthening your GraphQL API

Some time ago I have read that: > GraphQL is really about collaboration, and...1 minute read • October 17, 19

GraphQL Editor 2.0

A while ago we have launched a new version of GraphQL Editor packed with feat...1 minute read • October 01, 19

Getting started with GraphQL in Python

Modern frameworks come and go. Some of them manage to become a new standard. Wi...2 minutes read • August 31, 19

Why development teams are adopting GraphQL?

GraphQL is a query language for APIs that was originally built by Facebook, it ...3 minutes read • July 23, 19

Top 3 GraphQL code generators

There has been a lot of buzz in the web development world around GraphQL lately...1 minute read • July 18, 19

A better way to stitch GraphQL schemas

Schema implementation. Schema is a centerpiece of any GraphQL service and defi...1 minute read • July 11, 19

Postman now supports GraphQL!

GraphQL is a query language for APIs. It's becoming more popular because of the...0 minutes read • June 26, 19

Is GraphQL the future of APIs?

Developing APIs has always been a crucial task for any project. A well-designed...1 minute read • June 19, 19

Handling web fonts with TypoGraphy.js

The importance of a typeface Communication plays a vital role in web design. ...2 minutes read • June 04, 19

Fullstack template for React GraphL project

In the previous week, we looked into a basic GraphQL Server implementation in T...1 minute read • May 28, 19

GraphQL Inspector

GraphQL is really about collaboration, and the teams that get furthest are thos...0 minutes read • May 22, 19

GraphQL Server under 5 minutes - TypeScript

If you think that setting up a GraphQL server is a difficult task, GraphQL Boil...1 minute read • May 21, 19

GraphQL Code Generator

GraphQL, having one thing in common - making using GraphQL easier & more pleasa...0 minutes read • May 20, 19

The State of GraphQL

The State of JavaScript and its derivatives such as Apollo or Relay. Data la...2 minutes read • May 06, 19

GraphQL Fragments and the benefits of using them

In this short read, I will try to break down for you the concept of GraphQL fr...1 minute read • April 29, 19

5 Developer Tools you need to check out!

One of the things that differentiate an average developer from a good one is th...1 minute read • April 15, 19

What's Design System and why you need one?

Looking for a way of improving your design-development workflow? You need a des...1 minute read • April 10, 19

GraphQL Java Cheat Sheet

A GraphQL Java Cheat Sheet to help you understand what is what in GraphQL Java ...6 minutes read • April 08, 19

Getting started with GraphQL Java

OOne of the best things about GraphQL is that it can be implemented in any langu...1 minute read • March 29, 19

Top 3 Development trends of 2019

This year will for sure bring new ideas to the web development as well as culti...2 minutes read • March 29, 19

Five mistakes to avoid when getting started with GraphQL

Being short-sighted It’s a mistake that can lead to serious complications lat...2 minutes read • March 15, 19

GraphQL Resources - list of tools, extensions & tutorials for beginners

GraphQL popularity is continuously growing. If you want to jump on a GraphQL t...1 minute read • March 12, 19

GraphQL Performance issues and how to handle them

One of biggest GraphQL comes without a built-in caching or batching mechanism. ...2 minutes read • March 06, 19

Code Academy - How to visualize your GraphQL schema?

WWelcome in another episode of our Code Academy series in which we present the ...2 minutes read • February 11, 19

Code Academy - Low-code development

Low-code development platforms is a booming market which is predicted to grow ...2 minutes read • February 08, 19

Code Academy - Create Fake Backend with GraphQL Editor

Welcome in yet another episode of our Code Academy series. This week we will sh...2 minutes read • February 05, 19

Code Academy - Dgraph a distributed graph database you need to know

Welcome to our Code Academy series in which we will try to present you useful t...3 minutes read • January 29, 19

GraphQL vs REST - Handling errors

An important part of any development project is handling errors as any applicat...3 minutes read • January 23, 19

GraphQL Tutorial - Dictionary

GraphQLs that: provides a complete and understandable description of the data i...3 minutes read • January 16, 19

Getting started with React GraphQL

In this GraphQL tutorial, we will show you how easy is implementing GraphQL in ...1 minute read • January 15, 19

GraphQL Best Practices

Graphs, graphs everywhere! Graphs are powerful tools for modeling complicated...1 minute read • January 11, 19

GraphQL vs REST - Caching

As you all know, a cache is a hardware or software component that stores data ...1 minute read • January 09, 19

GraphQL Tutorial - Queries and mutations Part 2

In Part 1 of our GraphQL Tutorial, we have ended covering Operation Name. Let’s...3 minutes read • January 08, 19

GraphQL vs REST Performance

This time let’s take a look at another important aspect of GraphQL vs REST dis...1 minute read • January 07, 19

Apollo GraphQL - a short overview

GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling these queries...4 minutes read • January 03, 19

JavaScript predictions for 2019 by npm

npm, Inc., which runs the world’s biggest software registry and maintains the ‘...2 minutes read • December 31, 18

GraphQL vs REST

Is GraphQL a nail to the REST coffin or a tool to empower your REST APIs? RES...2 minutes read • December 27, 18

The GraphQL conference you cannot miss

2019 is going to be a good year for GraphQL. GraphQL Conf The GraphlQL Conf...1 minute read • December 12, 18

Getting Started with GraphQL

What is GraphQL? GraphQL is an open-source data query and manipulation langua...3 minutes read • December 11, 18

The best tools and extensions for GraphQL APIs

The recent rise of GraphQL popularity created an ecosystem of different supplem...1 minute read • December 10, 18

The best resources to start learning GraphQL

GraphQL is a new API query language is BIG. Since its introduction in 2015, it'...0 minutes read • November 29, 18

How we went from 0.8M to 130M impressions in 3 months

Yes, we have increased our marketing reach by 16250%. How we made it? Automati...2 minutes read • November 27, 18