GQLess - a GraphQL client without queries

Tomek Poniatowicz

Tomek Poniatowicz

GraphQL was publicly released in 2015. Following this, a new ecosystem began to shape around it as it's premise was well-received by the dev community. GraphQL is basically a query-language for your API which is language & database-agnostic. A GraphQL query is a string sent to the runtime that returns JSON to the client. This simple idea began the creation of a wide set of open-source libraries, tools, clients etc., aiming to make using GraphQL an effortless experience.

GraphQL popularity is constantly rising. As the number of companies incorporating GraphQL is growing, the awesome tools supporting GraphQL are being developed daily. gqless is one of them!

How does it work?

gqless is an awesome GraphQL client built by Sam Denty. It's allowing you to wrap components in graphql() which makes gqless perform an additional render of your entire application with all the available GraphQL objects, but without the data i.e.:

  • Arrays will have a length of 1
  • Scalars will return null

After this is done the gqless will generate queries & fetch data to re-render the whole app with the newly available data as a final outcome.

gqless is a new & very interesting approach to a GraphQL client offering:

  • Invisible data fetching - runtime generated queries with JS getters
  • Strongly typed - built-in TypeScript support
  • Production-ready features - it offers built-in cache,e extensions and more


Try gqless and find out how enjoyable & easy it is to use GraphQL with auto-generated queries offered by gqless.

yarn add gqless
yarn add @gqless/cli -D

# or
npm install gqless
npm install @gqless/cli --save-dev

Have fun!

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