GraphQL Asia 2021

Tomek Poniatowicz

Tomek Poniatowicz

The latest events have changed many aspects of our personal and business life. Technology has become more essential than ever in connecting people. As an adaptation to the new normal conferences are increasingly being organized online.

The GraphQL Community's thirst for knowledge knows no bounds so no wonder that more and more conferences are present online. One of them is GraphQL Asia 2021 edition organized by Hasura.

The conference

The conference takes place online on 24th & 25th Feb 2021 and anyone is free to join (no fee). This year's edition is already the third one and considering the quality speakers & talks that took place during the previous ones it is a must-have event in every GraphQL fan's calendar.

This year's cast looks super interesting including speakers from industry top companies including Dan Schafer, GraphQL Co-Creator from Facebook as well as people from IBM, Microsoft, Tesco, Hasura and many more. All experience in using GraphQL in enterprise-grade products and ready to share their thought on different aspects of it and its ecosystem.

The talks

The talks schedule looks quite impressive and anyone should find topics they are interested in. Most of them will be held in English but there are also some in different languages including Japanese, Mandarin or Vietnamese. During the conference, you will learn more on topics like:

  • GraphQL Error Handling - which still seems to be one of the pains of every GraphQL project will be covered by Kewei Qu from Facebook. Kewei will go over the challenges her team discovered with GraphQL reliability and how they tackled them at Facebook,

  • Intelligent Caching with GraphQL Gateway - you will learn from Roshan Alexander how they build in Pratilipi an intelligent caching layer over GraphQL gateway to serve data to millions of their users keeping infrastructure cost low,

  • Schema Stitching in 2021 - Greg MacWilliam will bring you closer to the revitalized concept of the Schema Stitching which's the previous iteration that was famously abandoned by Apollo and now is going through second life,

  • Client-side migration from REST to GraphQL - Zhifan Li will cover the most important aspects of migration from REST API to GraphQL in React apps including clues on how to structure your React app’s statement management for GraphQL, simultaneously handling feature development and migration as well as present you examples of key GraphQL client libraries integrations.

... and many more!


Well, that's not all folks! The conference also offers a series of workshops helping you to master your GraphQL skills including classes on:

  • implementation Server-side Authentication in GraphQL
  • using GraphQL in the Jamstack
  • building Type-safe GraphQL apps with TypeScript
  • building GraphQL on SQL Server (with Hasura)

If you are interested in any of the above make sure to grab your free entry today!

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