GraphQL Inspector

Tomek Poniatowicz

Tomek Poniatowicz

GraphQL is really about collaboration, and the teams that get furthest are those who can work seamlessly together on their GraphQL API.

This idea is well-known for the members of The Guild know from open-sourcing amazing graphql tools. Its members work constantly on new solutions aiming to automate & increase the type-safety of our GraphQL projects. After open-sourcing such tools as GraphQL Code Generator or GraphQL Modules, their next work seen daylight - the GraphQL inspector

GraphQL Inspector is a tool published by Kamil Kisiela, that detects changes, similar or duplicated types, validates documents against a schema and looks for deprecated usage.

Key features/commands:

  • diff - that detects breaking or dangerous changes,
  • validate - validates documents against a schema & searches for deprecated usage,
  • similiar - lists similar types in order to find duplicates,
  • coverage - finds unused parts of GraphQL Schema based on clients’ fragments & operations.

The tool is available as:

Source: GraphQL Inspector

There is also a programmatic API available in case you want to build something on the top of it on your own.

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