GraphQL Server under 5 minutes - TypeScript

Tomek Poniatowicz

Tomek Poniatowicz

If you think that setting up a GraphQL server is a difficult task, GraphQL Boilerplates Github repo will prove you that you're very wrong.

The best thing about GraphQL is that is can be used with any technology. Let's take a look at starter projects for most popular web technologies, provided by one of the finest GraphQL devs. Now first off, let's take a look at TypeScript.


TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript that compiles to plain JavaScript, which popularity constantly rising. The TypeScript Boilerplate repo contains two starter kits:

Both allowing to bootstrap your GraphQL server with TypeScript within seconds. No matter if you need a Basic option for a simple personal project or Advanced boilerplate with more features you are getting scalable, production-ready GraphQL server.

All projects are based on graphql-yoga, a GraphQL server library focused on providing the easiest possible setup.

Let's take a look at features available in those versions:

Scalable GraphQL server: The server uses graphql-yoga which is based on Apollo Server & Express✔️✔️
Static type generation: TypeScript types for GraphQL queries & mutations are generated in a build step✔️✔️
GraphQL database: Includes GraphQL database binding to Prisma (running on MySQL)✔️✔️
Tooling: Out-of-the-box support for GraphQL Playground & query performance tracing✔️✔️
Extensible: Simple and flexible data model – easy to adjust and extend✔️✔️
No configuration overhead: Preconfigured graphql-config setup✔️✔️
Realtime updates: Support for GraphQL subscriptions✔️
Authentication: Signup and login workflows are ready to use for your users✔️

The setup is the same for both versions:

and our project structure will look like this:

Source: Graphql-boilerplates

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