My saas story - oct'18 first OKRs and :s

Robert Matyszewski

Robert Matyszewski

I’m Robert - co-founder of We're creating a visual tool for developers that will automate their backend development. I'm sharing our journey as part of my-saas-story. All of our team have long years of experience in the tech industry but none on saas.

It's the first week of November, and we are working the 6th month on our idea. Since then we made a pivot (half sept), and many other things happened. I'll write another post on that. Here wanted to focus on our current state and goals for this quarter. October was an excellent month for us. Check below:

New blog!

We started a We wrote eight blog posts, published them on few places and that gave us more than 1,5k page views! Below you can see which posts are most popular:

Outreach & Feedback calls

We organized an outreach campaign to front-end developers asking about feedback. We organized ten calls after sending around invites to 1000 people. Those calls were very good. We received a lot of feedback and added those ideas as issues to our GitHub. We had a pleasure to speak with developers from Paypal and Microsoft! It was super exciting!

Some compelling features were around offline version for the enterprise, adding icons to nodes (making them more consumable for non-tech people), generating Interface for frontend or creating fake backend out of the graph. All of them are on our GitHub.

First OKR’s & Metrics

Together with our advisors, we created a short roadmap for this quarter. It's not 100 ready, but the first version includes our vision, mission and metrics which we want to measure to grow. Below you can find our OKR' results from October. I'll update it every month!

github faker stars19
github diagram stars54
github graphql-editor stars2550
blog views1500
website views-
blog articles8
mailchimp subscriptions16
demo runs200
outreach to developers1000
slack users10
quality calls10
close issues20


Graphql Editor: Total open issues: 16. Last month we closed ten issuse in our main repo (21 from pivot).

Javascript Diagram: Total open issues: 14. We have rewritten our tool to canvas to handle large schemas. It was an idea by users. Try GitHub schema! IT Rocks!

Team: Artur is working on the front end with few hours of help from Hubert and Kamil is working on backend features.


  • Launched a slack group (pm me to join).
  • Three guys agreed to contribute
  • Created landing page for

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