Node.js best practices

Tomek Poniatowicz

Tomek Poniatowicz

Node.js is the most popular choice when building the backend for your app, no matter if you prefer a traditional REST API or using it to build something modern like the GraphQL server.


Node.js is a JavaScript runtime using an event-driven I/O model which makes it extremely efficient when it comes to making scalable network applications. It's cross-platform, so whether you are building a mobile app, web app or IoT, Node will do the job. It's light, it's scalable & it delivers! Whether you are building a side project or working on an enterprise app Node.js will fit your needs.


Best practices

Node.js offers a lot, but to bring to the best you need to know and follow its best practices. If you are wondering where to find them the awesome open-source community is here to help!

This repo is the largest compilation of best Node.js content available online. It contains:

  • more than 80 best practices,
  • useful style guides
  • architectural patterns

As it's maintained by the community the "Node.JS Best Practices" is growing rapidly and new pull requests with fresh Node.js content are being created on a daily basis.

Best practices are divided into 7 groups of which each of them contains numerous good practices gathered from the community:

  1. Project structure
  2. Error handling
  3. Code style
  4. Testing & Quality
  5. Going to production
  6. Security
  7. Performance

Each good practice contains a TL;DR summary as well well as a link to extended content including:

  • detailed information
  • code examples
  • important quotes from different sources

Awesome, right? Rember to show the repo maintainers some love and leave them a star or contribute if you have some useful Node.js tips!

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