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The best tools and extensions for GraphQL APIs

December 10, 2018 by Tomek

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The recent rise of GraphQL popularity created an ecosystem of different supplementary tools having one idea in common - making GraphQL easier to adopt for more and more developers by bridging the implementation gap which is still a big issue.

If you have heard about GraphQL but still haven’t decided to undergone the REST API to GraphQL transformation this tools will make a decision a lot easier.


A tool which allows you to define your GraphQL API. Create structures, relations, powerful permissions and manage your content at ease. So, in general, you can build a hosted GraphQL backed for your web project along with tooling to manage its content.



Tipe allows you to build your apps without managing the content. Just create a GraphQL schema file and Tipe will generate your API, content model and the editor UI. Thanks to Tipe you can prototype locally.


GraphQL Docs

GraphQL Docs will generate simple static documentation for your GraphQL schema in couple seconds giving you an option to keep your API documentation private or make it publicly available.



An easy to implement React-based IDE tool for testing and documenting GraphQL APIs. GraphiQL provides a graphic interface for your GraphQL API that takes performing queries and mutations to a new level.


Apollo Launchpad

A tool take makes GraphQL code very accessible. Apollo Launchpad makes it possible to write a GraphQL schema example in JavaScript and create a serverless GraphQL endpoint.


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